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Test Your Printer

Sometimes it isreallyhard to explainto someonewhichthe colorswe want.
In orderto make it easiertome andmy customersI prepared acollection of
PDFfileswith colors.

For this purpose,I usedthis
With the help ofPDFfiles, you canalso testyourprinterandyou seehow muchcolorson paperdiffer from thoseon the screen.
I hope thatthis site  and my PDF files canbe of helpin choosingcolorsfor your projects.

Download PDF files

Summer Bunting Freebies

Hope you enjoy in
Digital Designer Team FB Hop Summer Vacation.
To download freebies just follow the logo.


The colors are perfect and here is another  set of my cliparts!

Let's  party!!

Digital Designers Team FB Hop Summer Vacation

As you know Summer Vacation FB Hop start on Wednesday, June 5th! Itwillbe agreatevent and agreat opportunitytocollecta lot offreebies. According to the latest informationparticipate 35digitalartists .

 Here is a sneak peak  of my freebies!

This digital papers and clip arts set you will find on my Facebook page
Save the 5th June for download a huge collection of summer freebies.
P.S. If you didn't download spring themed setnowisthe last momentto do that. After 4th June these freebies will be replaced .