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Winter Frost - January Etsy Digital Designer’s Color Challenge

Hello everybody!
New year and new month is here! And brand new color challenge is here.
The color theme is inspired by winter frost.

The purpose of these challenges is to introduce to you the fabulous digital designers on Etsy. 
Follow their shops on Etsy, collect their FREEBIES from blogs and Facebook pages.
Enjoy in holidays and in winter frost.

FREEBIE by ArigigiPixel

Cheers ! 2014 year is almost here!

Dear readers the year 2014 is ahead of us.
I hope that you will regularly stop by here.
I wish you a happy and successful of 2014.
Feel free to express your wishes regarding freebies in the comments

Christmas Etsy Digital Designers Team Freebie Hop

This the season to be JOLLY and I'm glad that I can present you CHRISTMAS Etsy Digital Designers Team Freebie Hop Just jump from one to another Facebook page and collect all freebies. Follow the DDTeam logo.

Like my Facebook page and fell free to download Free Christmas Pack by ArigigiPixel.

Visit my page regularly and you will find DAILY FREEBIE lasting for one day only under the tab

Do not forget to share!

The full list of participants in Facebook Hop:

01. Etsy Shop: Lovelytocu - Visit Facebook Page
02. Etsy Shop: Sher Hastings Designs - Visit Facebook Page
03. Etsy Shop: Simply Brenna - Visit Facebook Page
04. Etsy Shop: MakntheRounds - Visit Facebook Page
05. Etsy Shop: Arigigi Pixel - Visit Facebook Page
06. Etsy Shop: Robyn Gough - Visit Facebook Page
07. Etsy Shop: Picky Chicken - Visit Facebook Page
08. Etsy Shop: Poppy Hill Creations - Visit Facebook Page
09. Etsy Shop: Subway Party - Visit Facebook Page
10. Etsy Shop: Pininkie - Visit Facebook Page
11. Etsy Shop: Vinta…


Black Friday Sale starting from Now 29 till Dec 2 .

Everything in ArigigiPixel shop are on SALE. 
To get 50 % discount just use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY50OFF and copy / paste it during the checkout .
Minimum purchase 2 $.

Thanks for visiting and share and do not forget to download FREE printable cootie catcher greeting card.
It's Free for personal and non-profit use

November Etsy Digital Designer’s Color Challenge

How time flies. Just as we are in November.
The new  Etsy Digital Designer’s Color Challenge is here. The purpose of these challenges is to introduce
to you the fabulous digital designers on Etsy. Colors for these month are red, yellow, orange and blue.

Here is my Freebie

List of participants:

Etsy Digital Designers Team Freebie Hop

I'm glad that I can present you HALLOWEEN Etsy Digital Designers Team Freebie Hop , the largest so far.
Just jump from one to another Facebook page and collect all freebies.

Participant List: 

01. Etsy Shop: Printable Wisdom - Visit Facebook Page
02. Etsy Shop: Poppy Hill Creations - Visit Facebook Page
03. Etsy Shop: Simply Brenna - Visit Facebook Page
04. Etsy Shop: Sher Hastings Designs - Visit Facebook Page
05. Etsy Shop: Lovelytocu - Visit Facebook Page
06. Etsy Shop: Pininkie - Visit Facebook Page
07. Etsy Shop: ljc Digital Design - Visit Facebook Page
08. Etsy Shop: Claudine Hellmuth - Visit Facebook Page
09. Etsy Shop: Brandi White - Visit Facebook Page
10. Etsy Shop: Events You Can Print - Visit Facebook Page
11. Etsy Shop: PrintCreatCelebrate - Visit Facebook Page
12. Etsy Shop: Anchor Me Designs - Visit Facebook Page
13. Etsy Shop: Artinspire Factory - Visit Facebook Page
14. Etsy Shop: MakntheRounds - Visit Facebook Page
15. Etsy Shop: Jenny Allsorts - Visit Facebook Page
16. Etsy Sho…

What is coming from the dark ?

Etsy Digital Designers Team Hop          BOOOOoooooo

Calendar 2014 - freebie

We did noteventurn around andhere we arein the last quarterof this year.
Maybe it'salreadytime toprintnew2014Calendar in 8,5 x 11 in size.
Choose the format that best work for you ( PDF, PNG or JPEG ) and print as many time
as you need.
For personal and non-profit use. 

Don't forget to visit my Facebook page for monthly freebie , read more about that  HERE

Free 2014 calendar

Printable gift tags on SALE - 50 % OFF

October Etsy Digital Designer’s Color Challenge

Good practiceof Etsy Digital Designer’s Color Challenge continuesthis month too.
The purpose of these challenges are to introduce you to the fabulous designers on Etsy!
This timeareselected stunning red and aqua blue. Someonewill sayRETRO , but it is
a combination thatnever goes out offashion.

Below are  FREEBIES, digital scrapbook kits, clip arts, prints and more. Click around and get to know our team.

Back to School - September Color Challenge

The members of Etsy Digital Designers Team created a lot of specials and freebies
by theinspirationalcolorscheme.

Be free to visit our shops for special listings and another sites to grab FREEBIS.
You can also find us onDigital Designers Webpage  
Follow us on Pinterest  !


A Royal Baby Shower Celebration!

Join the party with Digital Designer Team members in this very special event as we celebrate with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge the birth of their first child!  Team member's have a whole range of special presents for you.

Just hop from site to site and follow the purple logo to collect your goodies!

We hope you have fun and find lots of interesting things along the way!

From 12 to 19 I will offer special ONE DAY freebie on my FB site. Like my FB page and
collect your daily freebie. What is in the gift box is surprise :)

Coming Soon! July 12 - 17th. Royal Baby Shower

On July 12th  starting another round of freebies from Digital Designer Team .
Come and join us for a whole range of offers!

Etsy finds - Jewellery Bijou

I'm glad thatIcanpresent this beautifulEtsyshop Jewellery Bijou.

Here you can find many poetic, romantic and feminine accessories for special day as wedding
and any other day when you want towearsomething nice fully hand-made in France.

Bridesmaid Jewelry and Accessories

As a knitter I especially love the leg warmers section

It would take too longandthis postwould beoverlongif Irecitedallwhat is beautifulin thisshop.
It is betterto visitit yourself  and find more 
and something really cool and ecofriendy .

Visit to find free downloadable link for '' Thank you '' tags made especially for this blog.


Test Your Printer

Sometimes it isreallyhard to explainto someonewhichthe colorswe want.
In orderto make it easiertome andmy customersI prepared acollection of
PDFfileswith colors.

For this purpose,I usedthis
With the help ofPDFfiles, you canalso testyourprinterandyou seehow muchcolorson paperdiffer from thoseon the screen.
I hope thatthis site  and my PDF files canbe of helpin choosingcolorsfor your projects.

Download PDF files

Summer Bunting Freebies

Hope you enjoy in
Digital Designer Team FB Hop Summer Vacation.
To download freebies just follow the logo.


The colors are perfect and here is another  set of my cliparts!

Let's  party!!

Digital Designers Team FB Hop Summer Vacation

As you know Summer Vacation FB Hop start on Wednesday, June 5th! Itwillbe agreatevent and agreat opportunitytocollecta lot offreebies. According to the latest informationparticipate 35digitalartists .

 Here is a sneak peak  of my freebies!

This digital papers and clip arts set you will find on my Facebook page
Save the 5th June for download a huge collection of summer freebies.
P.S. If you didn't download spring themed setnowisthe last momentto do that. After 4th June these freebies will be replaced .

Summer Vacation Freebies Coming Soon

I hopeyou enjoyed theprevious twoFBHoop

- winter / Christmas themed

- Valentine  themed

The 5thof Juneis the datethe newFBHoop.
This time theme issummer vacation and thecolor paletteis as follows:


As thelast twotimesthere will be manyparticipants and a lot of wonderful freebies.
Follow us!

Green Days - Free Digital Paper

Kinda,wewantto be ingardens,parks,on themeadows..Enjoy!


Polka Dot - Nautical Colors - Free Download

I really love polka dot pattern as a many many other girls.
Ok , this week freebies are 5 polka dot digital sheets - XXL dots
 in red / blue / white nautical colors compatible with freebies
from last week.

Download for your personal use only.

Keep dreaming and crafting:)